Things to Consider When Choosing a Dash Camera for Your Fleet

When you have the plans of getting a dash camera for your fleet, it is good to put into consideration certain factors that will help in choosing the right one because there are many dash cameras with different functions and so you have to identify the type of features want the dash camera to be taking care of. For this reason, I will highlight in this article the tips for finding a good dash camera for your fleet. Find more info.

When planning to get a dash camera for your fleet, it is useful to check if the camera you are getting has a GPS vehicle tracking system which will ensure that you have real-time data. Another thing that you should remember to look at when selecting a dash camera is the quality of the camera because you need to ensure that you have the highest definition which will help in providing clear footages and videos. Make sure to look for those cameras that are at least 1920 x 1080 pixels in terms of recording quality so that you to have sharp and clear images. You should keep in mind that when the quality of the videos and captures is good, you will have stronger evidence in case there are any insurance claims.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when selecting a dash camera is the fact that there are different types of storage methods and most people tend to take those cameras that record to an SD card which tends to be risky since most of the time these cards are lost by the drivers, and so it is recommended that you use the 3G connectivity which works by saving videos into an admin portal that allows immediate review which makes sure that the videos are not tampered with and also helps in providing instances of poor driving behaviours. Get more at

It is advised that you also consider taking a dash camera that has got an on-board accelerometer that helps in detecting the changes in g-force that help in the measuring of movement and impact and so it allows the camera detect sudden instances for example braking, collision and so it provides a video of this instance. You can as well pick a camera that has a manual recording option that helps in making sure that you can record any incident that you witness probably on the road.

It is also recommended to get a dash camera which will help you in monitoring your drivers in order to improve their driving behaviour also helping getting rid of quick wear and tear of the vehicle and also fuel usage. Therefore, you should make sure that you get a camera which has a fixed speed camera which is capable of informing the driver and warning them a form of audio concerning the speed whenever there is I change in their acceleration. Get more info here:

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